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Issyuku Hotel Higashiueno 1F 102

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Issyuku Hotel Higashiueno 1F 102

Start FromUS$160.00 / Night
Max 6 People
4 single beds
30 sqm
Free WiFi


Issyuku Hotel Higashiueno 1F 102

我們的旅館位於東上野, 這是一棟由4層樓組成的建築,您可以乘坐京成電鐵  到達京成上野站步行7分鐘便到達旅館。 





The Hotel is located on Higashiueno, a whole building with 4 floors. You can take Keisei Electric Railway to reach Ueno station.

Newly renovated, two units on a floor, fully equipped kitchen, preferred accommodation for family travel, or a group of good friends. It is the best place for first or multiple visits to Tokyo. Welcome to come and feel, and have a journey to eat and drink, shopping, experience the culture.

Guests can arrive at the hotel after 3 pm, only need to use an automatic door lock to access our hotel.

Our team has operated for over 4 years. We are experienced, adequate amenities and tourist information will be provided to travelers before arrival. Therefore, the trip can go smoothly.



物業佈局 Property Layout

  • 1個客廳                          1 living room
  • 2間臥室                          2 bedrooms
  • 1間淋浴室和1個衛生間  1 bathroom & 1 toilet
  • 1開放式廚房                  1 open kitchen

客人人數:4-6                         No of guests: 4-6


設施   Amenities


  • 杯子       Cups
  • 拖鞋       Slippers
  • 洗髮露    Shampoo
  • 護髮素    Hair Conditioner
  • 沐浴露    Body Wash/ Shower Gel
  • 吹風機    Hair Dryer
  • 衣架       Hangers
  • 毛巾(一人一條)    Towels for each person
  • 廚房用具(鍋,鍋,碗,微波爐,電熱水壺, 沒有電飯煲
  • Kitchen Utensils (Pots, Pan, Bowls, microwave oven, Electric Kettle, No Rice Cooker)

其他   Others

  • 電視   TV
  • 無線上網   Wifi
  • 空調  Air Conditioning

注意 Notice

  1. 入住時間:  下午3點以後    Check-in time: After 3 pm
    時間:  上午11點之前  Check-out time: Before 11 am
  2. 請在入房間前脫鞋放於鞋架。  Please take off your shoes before you go into the room.
  3. 請正確使用所有器具,確保沒有任何損壞或污漬。  Please use all appliances properly and make sure there is no damages or stains.
  4. 出於安全原因,請確保您外出時門和窗戶已鎖定。  Please ensure the door and windows are locked, when you are going out, because of security reasons.
  5. 當您外出時,請確保空調和所有電器都關閉,以節省能源。  Please ensure that the air-conditioner and all the electric appliances are closed when you are going out, in order to save energy.
  6. 如果你需要吸煙,請到旅館入口大門外面。    Please go outside the door of hotel outside, if you need to smoke.
  7. 把垃圾分類“易燃”,“不易燃”和“罐/瓶”,並扔進不同類別的垃圾箱。   Please divide your garbage into “flammable”,  “inflammable” and “cans/bottle”  and throw into different categories of rubbish bins.
  8. 請在旅館內保持安靜,以避免打擾附近的鄰居。 Please keep quiet in the apartment to avoid disturbing neighbors nearby.
  9. 如果發生意外事件導致出現不符合房源描述的問題,我們的現場工作人員將盡力為您解決問題。但是,如果在住宿期間由於無法抗拒的原因無法解決這種情況,將不予退款。在預訂我們的公寓之前,請確保您了解這一點。  If unexpected incident happens to lead to problems of “the listing is not as described”, our onsite staff will try their best to solve the problem for you asap. However, if the situation is unable to solve during your stay due to irresistible causes, no refund will be paid. Please make sure you understand this point before you book our apartment.
  10. 請閱讀路線教程,並在開始旅程之前更好地打印出來。  Please read the route tutorial and better print out before you start your journey.
  11. 如果有任何需要或問題,請在開始旅程前通知我們。If there is any need or questions, please inform us before you start your journey.
  12. 最少預訂客人數為4位,後加的客人每位半價收費增加一套枕頭被鋪床墊,最多可容納6位。 The minimum booking guest number is 4 people, the additional guests will be charged as half payment of a person, for adding a set of beddings, the maximum booking guest number is 6 people.

規則 Rules

  1. 旅館的室內吸煙是不接受的。     Smoking is unacceptable in the apartment’s indoor.
  2. 如果陌生人敲門,請不要回答。  If strangers knock the door, please not to answer it.
  3. 請不要打擾鄰居。 Please don’t disturb neighbors.
  4. 不要舉辦派對。  Do not hold parties.
  5. 不可攜帶寵物。 Pets are not allowed.
  6. 不要帶走我們旅館內的任何物品,請在使用後將其放回原處如果有任何遺失,您需要支付賠償金。  Don’t take away any items in our apartment, please put back to the original place after using. If there is any lost, you need to pay for compensation.
  7. 如果違反上述通知/規則,您需要為後果支付費用。 Who violated with above notice/rules, you need to pay fines for the consequences.



Direct access to Narita and Haneda International Airport. From apartment to Ueno, Okachimachi, Akihabara, and Sensoji Temple on foot, no more than 10 Minutes. To Sky Tree, Tokyo Station, Tsukiji Market, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Odaiba, and Disneyland are all within a 30-minute drive, transportation is very convenient.