666 Kingston Rd, Park Av. London 11232

Kaminarimon 4F whole floor 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 toilets

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Kaminarimon 4F whole floor 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 toilets

Start FromUS$218.50 / Night


  • 1個客廳
  • 3間臥室
  • 2間浴室和2間廁所
  • 1個開放式廚房



  • 杯具
  • 拖鞋
  • 洗頭
  • 護髮素
  • 沐浴露/沐浴露
  • 電吹風
  • 衣架
  • 每個人的毛巾
  • 廚房用具(鍋,鍋,碗,烤箱,電熱水壺, 無電飯鍋
  • 電視
  • 無線上網
  • 空調
  • 行李區
  • 吸煙區(陽台/郊區公寓酒店的門)


  1. 入住時間:  3 pm之後
  2. 預計時間:  11點之前
  3. 請在入口處脫鞋。
  4. Please use all appliances properly and make sure there is no any damages or stains.
  5. Please ensure the door and windows are locked , when you are go out , because of security reason.
  6. Please ensure that the air-conditioner and all the electric appliances are closed,  when you are go out , in order to save energy.
  7. Please go to the balcony / the door of apartment hotel outside , if you need to smoke.
  8. Please divide your garbage into “flammable”,”inflammable” and “cans/bottle”  and throw into different categories of  rubbish bins.
  9. Please keep quiet in the apartment to prevent disturbing neighbours nearby.
  10. If unexpected incident happens leading to problem, our  staff will solve the problem as soon as possible. However,  due to impossible causes, if the situation is unable to solve during your stay, no refund will be paid. Please make sure you understand this point before you book our apartment.
  11. The minimum booking guests number is 6.(If there is less than 6 guests, we will charge 6 guests for the payment.) 6 people bed allocation: 2 double beds, 1 semi-double bed.  If more than 6 guests, we add futon beds,  according the guest number. If you need to add extra bedding set, we will charge a person fee for one set.
  12. Please read the route tutorial and better print out before you start your journey.
  13. If there is any need or questions, please inform us before you start your journey.


  1. Smoking is unacceptable in the apartment’s indoor .
  2. 如果陌生人敲門,請不要回答。
  3. 請不要打擾鄰居。
  4. 不要古董聚會。
  5. 禁止攜帶寵物。
  6. 不要帶走我們公寓內的任何物品,使用後請放回原處。如果有任何損失,您需要支付賠償。
  7. 誰違反了上述通知/規則,您需要為後果支付費用。


-新宿(20分鐘) ))
-東京迪斯尼樂園(40分鐘) ))