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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Check in time: After 3 pm
  2. Check out time: Before 11 am
  3. Please take off your shoes in the entrance.
  4. Please use all appliances properly and make sure there is no any damages or stains.
  5. Please ensure the door and windows are locked , when you are go out , because of security reason.
  6. Please ensure that the air-conditioner and all the electric appliances are closed , when you are go out,  in order to save energy.
  7. Please go to the balcony and the door of apartment hotel outside, if you need to smoke.
  8. Please divide your garbage into “flammable”,”inflammable” and “cans/bottle”  and throw into different categories of  rubbish bins.
  9. Please keep quiet in the apartment to prevent disturbing neighbours nearby.
  10. If unexpected incident happens leading to problem, our  staff will solve the problem as soon as possible. However,  due to impossible causes, if the situation is unable to solve during your stay, no refund will be paid. Please make sure you understand this point before you book our apartment.
  11. Each property has set the minimum number of guests, please read the notice no.11 of your reserved property page before booking.
  12. Please read the route tutorial and better print out before you start your journey.
  13. If there is any need or questions, please inform us before you start your journey.


  1. Smoking is unacceptable in the apartment’s indoor .
  2. If strangers knock the door, please not to answer it.
  3. Please don’t disturb neighbours.
  4. Do not hold party.
  5. Pets are not allowed.
  6. Don’t take away any items in our apartment, please put back to the original place after using. If there is any lost, you need to pay for compensation.
  7. Who violated with above notice/rules, you need to pay fines for the consequences.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Privacy policy

Welcome to [Issyuku 一宿] (hereinafter referred to as this website), this website is operated by “Issyuku Investment Management Company” (hereinafter referred to as Issyuku). This website collects, processes and uses your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Funding Law”) and this Privacy Policy, and is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy on this website. The privacy policy of this website (hereinafter referred to as this policy) is hereby stated to protect your rights and interests. Please read the following about this policy:


  1. About the Privacy Policy

1) This policy applies to the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of personal data, websites, services, and applications provided by Issyuku. This Privacy Policy or Statement supersedes or supplements this Policy only when there is a privacy policy or statement specific to a particular network or service. This policy also applies to clients established in member countries of the European Economic Area (including companies and residents of the GDPR standard), and includes handling of services involving member states of the European Economic Area, as well as any personal information about member states of the European Economic Area. .

2) This policy does not apply to companies that are not owned or controlled by Issyuku, nor to those employed or managed by Issyuku.

3) Please read this policy carefully before you decide to use the services provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as the service).

4) This website reserves the right to modify or change the content of this policy at any time in response to changes in circumstances or amendments to the law. You should always check to understand your current rights and obligations. If you continue to use the Service after modifying or changing this policy on this website, you are deemed to have agreed to accept the modification and change of this policy.


  1. The purpose, method and scope of data collection

1) This website is for marketing, consumer protection, consumer/customer management and services and other e-commerce services, accounting management, contract/similar contractual relationships or other legal relationship matters, survey/statistics and research analysis, information and database The management and non-public affairs agencies shall define and collect and process your personal data within the scope of the above purposes for the purpose of collecting and processing personal data.

2) This website will collect your personal information when you register your website account, use products and services, browse the website or certain partners’ websites, and participate in promotional marketing activities. This website may also combine your information provided by business partners or affiliates with your personal data owned by this website, or share your personal data with business partners or affiliates.

3) When you register on this website, you need to fill in the user name, email, mobile phone number and other information. You are free to choose whether to provide personal information to us, but if the specific data field is a required field, you will not be able to use the relevant products and services without providing such information.

4) This website collects information about transactions between you and us or our business partners, including information about the products and services you provide on this website.

5) This website will automatically receive and record the information on your computer and browser, including the IP address, the information in the cookie on this website and the web history you have visited.

6) During your use of the products and services of this website, this website has been able to use the information for the following purposes in the world: customized advertisements and the content of the webpages you see, to meet your requirements for products and services, to improve products and services, Customer contact, research, and market analysis or business reporting that does not contain your personal data for internal and external customers.

7) When collecting, processing and using personal data, this website follows the personal data management objectives and policies of this website as the guiding principle, and has a complete personal data protection and security maintenance plan, so you can provide your personal information with peace of mind. To this website, this website is never sold to other people and units other than this website, and it is strictly forbidden for internal personnel to use this information privately. This website will strictly protect the personal data collected by the customer. Anyone must be properly authorized to use the information in appropriate circumstances, and this website will retain the relevant usage records.


  1. Data sharing and disclosure

This website does not provide or share your personal information with any other person or non-affiliated company, except to provide you with the products or services you request, your authorization, or in the following circumstances:

(a) We provide this information to our website that has signed a confidentiality statement on behalf of our website or with our trusted partners. These companies may use your personal data to assist you in communicating with us on the products and services offered by us and our marketing partners. However, these companies do not have the independent right to share such information;

(b) in order to comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures or government enforcement orders and to protect the rights, property or safety of this website, users or the public from harm, if required by law;

(c) We also respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal proceedings, obtain or exercise legal rights, or defend against claims in litigation. In the event of any dispute arising from the subsequent litigation, the jurisdictional court agreed by both parties shall be the Taipei District Court of Taiwan;

(d) We believe that it is necessary to share in order to investigate and prevent illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to personal safety, violations of the Terms of Service of this website, or to respond to such circumstances, or as otherwise provided by law When your profile is available;

(e) If all or part of the business of this website is acquired or merged by another company, we will transfer your personal data to the company. If this happens, this website will notify you before your personal data is transferred and different privacy policies apply.


  1. Your interest in personal data

In accordance with Article 3 of the Capital Law, you may exercise the following rights regarding your personal data held on this website:

(a) You may inquire, request to read or request a copy of this website, and this website may, in accordance with the law, discretion the necessary cost;

(b) may request supplements or corrections from this website, provided that you are properly stipulated by law;

(c) Request to delete, stop collecting, processing or utilizing this website.

(d) Subject to the law, this website may not be requested by you.


  1. Cookie

1) This website will set and access cookies on this website on your computer.

2) This website allows certain companies that advertise on the pages of this website to set and access cookies on your computer. Other companies will use their cookies in accordance with their own privacy policy, not in accordance with this policy. Advertisers or other companies cannot access cookies on this website.

3) This website uses web beacons to access cookies related to products and services inside and outside the website.


  1. Information Security

This website will take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data, including internal review of data collection, storage, handling practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures. Prevent unauthorized access to the system that stores personal data on this website. However, the transmission of Internet data cannot guarantee 100% security. Although this website strives to protect the security of your personal data, because the data transmission process involves the preservation of your online environment, this website cannot be sure or guarantee that you will transmit or receive the company. The security of the service platform information, you must still pay attention to and bear the risk of data transmission.


  1. Self-protection measures

Please keep your password and any personal information in a safe place and do not provide any personal information, especially the password, to anyone. After you complete the service platform function that you need to log in to the member, please be sure to do the member logout. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your letter or any personal information.


  1. Access to data, modification, forgotten, restricted, portable, objection, etc.

Unless otherwise specified by GDPR or other jurisdictional laws, customers may use the dedicated customer service box <Service@technews.tw> to contact this website for customer usernames and passwords, specific personal data, and records of cookies. Right to Access, Right to rectification, Right to be Forgotten / Data Erasure, Right to restriction of processing, Data Portability, Right (Right) To object) and other rights. This website will assist the customer to provide relevant and credible information to assist the website in reviewing the relevant personal identities and information, and fulfilling the obligations that the relevant laws stipulate to the customers, and complete the requirements as soon as possible.


  1. Contact information

If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy or this website, please feel free to contact us at our service address.


  1. The right to make, modify, update and finalize this policy is owned by Issyuku.
  2. The above policy was announced and effective on June 1, 2018.


歡迎您光臨【Issyuku一宿】 (以下簡稱本網站),本網站由「一宿投資管理公司」(以下簡稱Issyuku)所經營。本網站謹依個人資料保護法(以下簡稱個資法)與本《隱私權政策》搜集、處理及利用您的個人資料,並承諾尊重以及保護您個人於本網站的隱私權。特此說明本網站的隱私權政策(以下簡稱本政策),以保障您的權益。請您細讀以下有關本政策的內容:


  1. 關於《隱私權政策》

1) 本政策適用於Issyuku 所提供之網站、網域、服務、應用程式時,所涉及的個人資料搜集、處理、利用與國際傳輸等活動。惟當有專門針對特定網路或服務的隱私權政策或聲明時,該隱私權政策或聲明將取代或補充本政策。本政策亦適用於設立於歐洲經濟地區成員國之客戶(亦包括GDPR規範之公司及居民),且包括處理涉及歐洲經濟地區成員國提供服務等行為,以及有關歐洲經濟地區成員國之任何個人資料。

2) 本政策並不適用於非Issyuku所有或控制的公司,也不適用於非Issyuku所雇用或管理的人員。

3) 在您決定使用本網站所提供的服務(以下簡稱本服務)前,請仔細閱讀本政策。

4) 為因應時勢變遷或法令修正等事由,本網站有權於任何時間修改或變更本政策之內容,您應經常查看以瞭解您當前的權利及義務。若您於本網站為任何修改或變更本政策後仍繼續使用本服務,視為您已同意接受本政策之修改及變更。


  1. 資料搜集之目的、方式及利用範圍

1) 本網站為行銷、消費者保護、消費者/客戶管理與服務及其他電子商務服務、帳務管理、契約/類似契約關係或其他法律關係事務、調查/統計與研究分析、資訊與資料庫管理、非公務機關依法定義務所進行個人資料之搜集處理及利用等目的,搜集並於前述目的範圍內處理及利用您的個人資料。

2) 當您註冊本網站帳號、使用產品及服務、流覽本網站或某些合作夥伴的網頁,以及參加宣傳行銷活動時,本網站將會收集您的個人資料。本網站也可能將商業夥伴或關係企業所提供您的資訊與本網站所擁有您的個人資料相結合,或與商業夥伴或關係企業共用您的個人資料。

3) 當您在本網站註冊時,需填寫使用者姓名、電子郵件、手機號碼等資料。您得自由選擇是否提供個人資料給我們,但若特定資料欄位系屬必填欄位者,您若不提供該等資料則無法使用相關的產品及服務。

4) 本網站收集您與我們或我們的商業夥伴間交易的資料,包括您使用本網站所提供產品及服務的相關資料。

5) 本網站會自動接收並紀錄您所電腦和流覽器上的資料,包括IP位址、本網站cookie中的資料及您流覽的網頁紀錄。

6) 在您使用本網站產品及服務期間,本網站得以全球地區將資料用作以下用途:客制化廣告及您看到的網頁內容、滿足您對產品及服務的要求、改進產品及服務、客戶聯繫、進行研究,以及提供內部及外部客戶不載有您個人資料之市場分析或業務報告。

7) 本網站搜集、處理及利用個人資料時,皆遵循本網站之個人資料管理目標與政策為指導原則,並訂有完善之個人資料保護安全維護計畫,因此您可以安心的將個人資料提供予本網站,本網站絕不販賣給本網站以外的其他人及單位,並且嚴禁內部人員私自使用這些資料。本網站將會嚴密的保護所搜集到的客戶個人資料,任何人必須經過合理的授權,才能夠在適當的情況下使用這些資料,並且本網站將保留相關的使用紀錄。


  1. 資料分享與揭露


(a) 我們向已簽署保密條款之代表本網站執行業務或與我們值得信賴的合作夥伴提供這些資料。這些公司可能會將您的個人資料用於協助本網站就我們和行銷夥伴所提供產品及服務的事宜,與您進行溝通。但這些公司無獨立權利分享這些資料;

(b) 為了符合適用法律、法規、法律程式或政府執行命令以及在法律規定或合法範圍內,為了保護本網站、使用者或公眾權利、財產或安全不致遭受危害;

(c) 我們亦對傳票、法院命令或法律程式作出回應、取得或行使法律權利,或對訴訟上之請求提出防禦。嗣後若發生任何爭議而有訴訟的必要時,雙方同意之管轄法院為臺灣臺北地方法院;

(d) 我們認為為了調查和防止非法活動、涉嫌詐欺、對人身安全有潛在威脅的狀況、對本網站服務條款的違反,或為了對上述情形採取應對措施,或法律另有規定,而有必要分享您的個人資料時;

(e) 如果本網站全部或部分業務被其他公司收購或合併,我們會將您的個人資料移轉給該公司。如果發生這種情況,本網站會在您的個人資料被移轉且將適用不同的隱私權政策前進行通知。


  1. 您對個人資料的權益


(a) 得向本網站查詢、請求閱覽或請求制給複製本,而本網站依法得酌收必要成本費用;

(b) 得向本網站請求補充或更正,惟依法您應為適當之釋明;

(c) 得向本網站請求刪除、停止搜集、處理或利用。

(d) 在符合法律規定情形下,本網站得不依您請求為之。


  1. Cookie

1) 本網站會在您的電腦設定並存取本網站的cookie。

2) 本網站允許某些在本網站網頁上刊登廣告的其他公司在您的電腦上設定並存取cookie。其他公司將根據其自訂的隱私權政策使用其cookie,並非根據本政策。廣告主或其他公司不能存取本網站的cookie。

3) 本網站會使用網路beacon存取本網站內外與產品及服務有關的cookie。


  1. 資訊安全



  1. 自我保護措施



  1. 資料存取權、修改、被遺忘、限制、可攜帶權、反對等權利

除非GDPR或其他有管轄權之法律另有規定,客戶可以使用專屬客服信箱< Service@technews.tw > 與本網站聯繫,針對客戶之使用者名稱及密碼、特定個人資料、Cookie之記錄等資訊,行使資料存取權 (Right to Access)、修改(Right to rectification)、被遺忘(Right to be Forgotten / Data Erasure) 、限制(Right to restriction of processing)、可攜帶權 (Data Portability)、反對(Right to object)等權利。本網站將於客戶協助提供相關確實可信之資訊,以協助本網站進行檢視相關個人身份及資料,並履行相關法律所賦予客戶應履行之義務後,儘速完成其要求。


  1. 聯絡方式



  1. 本政策之訂立、修改、更新及最終解釋權均屬Issyuku所有。
  2. 以上政策於2018年06月01日公佈並生效。